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Make the most of your Savings and Investments 22nd May 2013

Make the most of your Savings and Investments

Life is a risk.  Whether it’s crossing the road or parachuting from a plane, there is an element of chance about the outcome; however, the better prepared you can be, the more likely you will be to reach the other side, or even the ground, safely.  The same is true of savings and investments.  Determining your attitude to risk is essential to make sure that your investments are suitable for you.

The first thing an Independent Financial Advice company will do is determine your attitude to risk.  This will take into account your personal circumstances, and the purpose of your savings.   Are you looking for a good pension in retirement, or investing for growth or income, or both?  All investments carry an element of risk, but these days doing nothing can be a risk in itself.  There are some strategies that can help you stay focused and make the most of your investments.

First of all, keep in mind why you want to invest in the first place and how long for.  This is especially important these days when you may be tempted to cash in all you can and shove a sock under the bed.  But then you would simply crystallise your losses.  If you are saving long term, you may be better leaving your money where it is until the markets recover.

Spreading your risk across a variety of funds and investments will minimise your exposure to risk and ensure that your investment portfolio stays balanced in the long term, and drip feeding money will help even out the ups and downs of the market.  Independent financial advice is essential to achieve a good balance of investments specifically suited to your needs and circumstances.  As time goes on, your needs and circumstances are just as likely to change as your investment performance, so it’s important to regularly review not only your portfolio, but also your attitude to risk.

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